About Us

Novoset, LLC was established in 2011 as a marketing company specializing in high performance thermoset resins and cost effective solutions for formulated products for electronic, aerospace, automotive and defense industries. Our manufacturing partner is a world-leading producer of thermoset resins and various advanced intermediates with backward integrated feedstock. Novoset’s manufacturing partner also has resin modifier, surface chemistry and reactive resin processing capabilities. This unique manufacturing partnership enables Novoset, LLC to provide for faster product development and application development possibility for our customers. We also cooperate with complementary suppliers, leading government organizations and industry specialists with a goal to bridge the gap of limitation of current high temperature thermoset and thermoplastic materials for leading-edge application qualifications.

Our Primary Chemistry is Cyanate Esters in combination with epoxy and other range of complementary chemistries to enhance performance of final products.

We are also active in ultra high temperature thermoset polyimides and advanced amines, anhydrides and cross-linking chemistries.

Our goal is to be your trusted partner through each phase of your product development and application qualifications. We are sector-focused and our strategy is to promote advanced materials in electronic, aerospace, defense and high–end automotive industries. Within these industries we are focusing on various subgroup applications.

Electronic Sector

We are a system solution provider of advanced materials to the semiconductor packaging industries ( IC substrates) for Smartphone and various other advanced packaging hardware. Our services and products are also used in telecommunication and in the server market which power “cloud computing “. The low dielectrics at very high frequency coupled with high Tg are our offerings to the electronic industries.

We are also active in microelectronic, encapsulation and adhesives for the semiconductor assembly market.

Aerospace and Space

Our primary target in these areas are aircraft interiors with emphasis on Fire, Smoke and Toxicity (FST) and ultra low heat release materials for commercial and military aircrafts. Our goal would be to replace environmentally problematic phenolic resin from aircraft industries and fulfill latest fire worthiness  of the Federal Aviation Administrations’ ( FAA ) requirements.

We are also active with our customers to provide resin solution for various secondary structures such as Radom in commercial and military aircrafts. Our product is also “state of the art material” in various space components.

We work with our customers to provide formulation, cure assistance and catalyst package to adopt various advanced manufacturing process technologies such as:

  • Resin transfer molding ( RTM )
  • Resin infusion
  • Filament Winding ( FW )
  • Hot-melt prepregs
  • Solvent Prepregs
  • Out–of Autoclave
  • Vacuum infusion

Automotive Sector

With the upcoming introduction of Megacity Vehicles, the BMW i3 will be  based on light weight carbon fiber reinforced plastics used in the automotive sector. It has opened  the door for the high temperature thermoset resins such as Cyanate Ester to be used for various “under the hood” applications . The carbon fiber reinforced composite material is becoming increasingly important to the automotive industries to produce fuel efficient and eco-friendly cars and leave less carbon footprint on the environment.

Our partners’ products are already in the Formula 1 racing car and have replaced titanium based muffler with CE/ carbon muffler in motorbike industries . We have had extensive experiences with friction materials with our partner’s Primaset™ resin.

We are looking forward to working  with our customers for various high-end automotive applications for the mass production of commercial vehicles.

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