New Product And Application Development

We work closely with our commercial partners, government organizations, complementary suppliers and research institutes to develop applications from our manufacturing partners’ products. We are uniquely positioned to help our customers in all phases of commercialization of their products including regulatory support through our manufacturing partners. We also undertake joint development work under client‘s confidential basis. Our ultimate goal makes our customers successful in their application development with our products.

Some examples of applications which have been successfully developed with our partners’ products and launched are:

• IC substrates semiconductor package for iPhone and iPad
• Air ducts for Airbus A-380, A-340 , next generation Airbus 350
• Space and satellite structures
• F-35, F-22 and F-18 critical composite components
• Formula 1 racing car components
• High-end router and server for telecommunication
• Insulation Materials for Toroidal Coils ( TF) for International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor( ITER)
• Missile composite structures using Resin Transfer Technology

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