Technology Assistance

We provide technology assistance and formulation guidelines to our customers to accommodate their manufacturing process for parts fabrication and application qualifications. Our customers’ manufacturing process can be prepreg, Resin Transfer Molding (RTM), resin infusion, extruder molding compounds and compression molding. We provide assistance to select suitable CE resins, amines, catalysts, anhydrides and various substrates. The following lists of technology assistances are available from us:

• Curing and Catalyst Technology
• Toughening Technology
• Low Dk/Df materials
• High temperature resin technology
• Filler, additives and coupling agent technology
• CE/epoxy and CE/other polymer technologies
• Low temperature or room temperature cure technology
• Epoxy and PU hardeners
• Polyimide and BMI and CE/PI technology
• Green flame-retardant materials suitable for our products
• Solvent selection for prepreg process
• Safe handling of materials
• Tool selection or preparation

RTM Process

Prepreg Process

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